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AVCWare iPhone Video Converter FAQs

Q: I noticed that your program offers 3 kinds of output video formats. As far as the quality is concerned, which one is the best, MP4, MP4 AVC or WMV?
A: If you only want to get the best quality, we recommend MP4 AVC format, which is in H.264 video codec. But the output size would be larger than others. Actually, MP4 format will be more proper in the file size and quality.
Q: Can I edit the ID3 Tag information for the output files?
A: If you select WMA and MP3 as output formats, you can edit the Tag information for the files. 
Q: I am trying to capture certain still frames from my video. I have no idea about the settings on the right. Could you please give me certain hints on it?
A: There are 3 important settings in this conversion, "Start Time", "Duration" and "Capture Interval". "Start Time" and "Duration" will help you set the decoded part of your original video. And the "Capture Interval" item is used to define the time interval to do the capture in the episodes.
Q: After I make some proper modifications on settings, is it possible to save it as a single profile for use next time?
A: It can be done by the "Save As" button. After you finish the modifications, please click this button and finish other jobs following instruction. After the profile is created, you can delete or re-name it as you like.
Q: If I want to crop certain part of the frame, what shall I do?
A: The edit function in our program will solve it. First of all, you must highlight the title that you want to crop. And then please click the "Effects" button under the program list. In the following dialog-box, you can define the crop area by entering the definite values or dragging the control points around the preview screen. Besides the crop function, you can modify other things, such as Contrast, Brightness and other effects on frame; or adding watermark there.
Q: I do not like certain frames in my video. May I get rid of them in the output files by your program?
A: Of course you can. We offered a "Clip" function in our program. You must also highlight the title that you want to clip firstly. In the "Clip" dialog-box, during the playback of the title, you can set the "Clip Start" point and the "Clip End" point for the segment you want to clip. If you want to get an integral file with all the clip segments, you can check on the option "Output Segment as whole file".